Protective Film Product Range

Product Key Property Application
SurfPro™ Highly customised adhesive properties for optimum surface protection available in varying width upto 2500 mm and 25 ~ 150 micron thickness Matty surface protection requirements
Maskit™ Non-glue film leaves no trace on applied surface Decoration & Finishing material masking applications
Masking Tape Excellent adhesive property on all matty & glossy surfaces Light - duty masking in industrial applications


Maskit & SurfPro Protective Films

Maskit™ & SurfPro™ Application Segments

Metal Industry Aluminum window frames & Composite panels
Stainless steel sheets
Aluminum sheets
Pre-coated steel sheets
Glass Industry Sheet glass
Automotive toughened glass
Television picture tube shells
Furniture Industry Decorative laminates
Readymade Furniture
Automotive Industry Head and Tail lamp assembly
Body paneling
Plastic Industry PVC, PP, PC,
PMMA (acrylic ) sheets and components
White Goods Industry Washing Machine
Microwave Ovens
Computer and Accessories

Advantages of Maskit™ & SurfPro™ Protective Films

  • Environment friendly and 100 % recyclable
  • Wrinkle and crease free, hence gives uniform coverage to the masked surface
  • Keeps surface / sheets bright and shiny
  • Does not damage the masked surface or carry away the coating along with it
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Easy peel off
  • Leaves no trace of glue residue on protected substrates