Food Wrap Films

Specialty Polyfilms is India's leading manufacturer of polyethylene cling film and catering films sold under the brand name of WRAPit®. It is an engineered combination of material and process innovation to produce high-clarity cling film that is free of any taste or odour.

We are India's first cling film manufacturer to be certified with ISO 9001:2000. WRAPit® is certified as safe for food contact as per IS:10146-1982 by CFTRI and as per EU directives 2002/72/EEC by SGS and Intertek Testing Services

Wrapit product usage

Polyethylene (PE) - the base material used in manufacturing WRAPit® is a simple structure polymer that puts least eco- strain on environment. PE disintegrates in a given time period and, when annihilated, it burns to hydrogen & carbon with no polluting material. PE is slowly replacing conventional films, which contain toxic plasticizers (such as phthalates), stabilizers containing dangerous heavy metals (such as lead), fungicides and other toxic substances.

Advantages of WRAPit® over conventional cling film

  • Conforms to food contact regulations
  • 100% non-toxic
  • 100% recyclable hence eco-friendly
  • More economical due to low density of LLDPE than conventional film

WRAPit® range of cling films are eco-friendly

Product Variants of WRAPit®

Product Key Property Application
WRAPit® Retail Excellent cling and crystal clear transparency

Household food packaging

WRAPit® Catering Better mechanical properties - tear & puncture resistance

Suitable for high-speed in-line automatic wrapping machine

WRAPit® Meat Superior barrier properties

Meat packaging for odor-free & hygienic packaging

WRAPit® Anti-Fog
Superior breathe-ability

For fresh Mushrooms, vegetables & fruits packaging

WRAPit® Perfa Perforations at regular intervals throughout the length for convenient tearing

Bulk packaging of fixed sized containers and trays for Airline & Restaurant kitchens

WRAPit® Properties

Wrapit property Transparency Crystal clear transparency of WRAPit® is due to its crystalline & smooth material structure which is result of our understanding of raw material, additives & process engineering
Wrapit property sealing Sealing capacity of WRAPit® keeps food fresh for a long time
Wrapit property elongation Elongation at break allows accommodating odd sized sealing without tearing
Wrapit Cling property Excellent cling property to seal food in containers made of porcelain, plastic, glass or even paper