WRAPit® Perfa Cling Film

WRAPit® Perfa Cling Film has perforations at specified equal distance. This eliminates need for a cutter box or dispenser. Some of the key advantages of perforated film are:

  • Eliminates cutter leading to safe handling
  • Easy & quick dispensing of film
  • 40% productivity improvement for batch packing
  • Reduces wastage in manual packaging

WRAPit® Perfa is suitable for bulk food packaging in Airline & Restaurant kitchens.

Wrapit Perforated Roll

Following types of customization are possible in perforated cling film:

  • Color of the film
  • Length of Perforation
  • Convenience features of packaging
  • Length & width of the roll
  • Cling film thickness

WRAPit® Perfa Film Specification

Key Attribute


Width 15 to 60 cm
Thickness 8 to 15 microns
Length up to 1500m
Sheet Size Can be customized
Packaging With or without box