Securap™ Industrial Wrap Film

Advances in plastic resin technology made it possible to make a film that would stretch by about 300%, but not break. Stretch film when wrapped around boxes or bags on a pallet exerts a holding force that binds the palletized items together. This unique property of stretch wrap films makes it an ideal material for the unitization of pallet loads.

Stretch wrapping can be automated with high-speed wrapping machines for load ranges upto 3000 kgs. For lower loads, the film can be applied manually using standard applicators.

Securap Wrapped Pallets

Stretch film is very effective during storage & transportation of goods. It is has gained popularity through the years and today remains the most preferred method of load unitization. Stretch wrapping has following unique advantages:

Better holding of loads together
Compared to other methods of wrapping, strapping or gluing, stretch wrapping is the most efficient method of keeping multiple packages together. During transportation, pallets are subjected to severe vibration, but stretch film has the 'elastic' property needed to withstand these forces and keep loads together. Stretch wrapped products will be free of damages when they are delivered to your customers.
Products remain dust-free and dry during storage

Securap™ Product Variants

Product Key Property Application
Securap™ Premium Suitable for high speed (> 50rpm) wrapping machines Secondary packaging of loads upto 120 loads/hr
Securap™ Premium Machine grade quality with more than 300% stretchability and high tensile strength General palletization requirement suitable for irregular shaped load
Securap™ Manual High transparency and excellent cling property Economy product for general purpose wrapping
Securap™ VCI Customized for corrosion resistant packaging Ferrous and non ferrous metals, cold rolled steel, etc.
Securap™ Antistatic Customized for static charge sensitive products Protection and packaging of electronic goods and components
Securap™ Black UV protection Protection from UV radiation during storage and transport

Stretch Wrapping Process

Stretch cling wrapping is a process in which a pre-extruded tacky film is wrapped around products like bundles, rolls, pallet loads or other products of any shape and size to ensure a film grip on the package. The tacky characteristics of the film help in self adhesion without any external aid. There are various types of wrapping methods:

Stretch Wrapping Methods:

Pallet Wrapping:

Stretch Wrapping method - Pallet Wrapping

Pallet wrapping is an ideal packing system for export and bulk cargo handling of drums, bags and cartons in capacity of 1 to 2 tons.

Horizontal Wrapping:

Stretch Wraping Methods - Horizontal Wraping

Packing system intended for long loads like rods, channels, bars, pipes, boards or profiles. This can replace the time consuming and expensive conventional packing method using plastic, cloth or wooden frames.

Reel Wrapping:

Stretch Wrapping Methods - Reel Wrapping

Useful for reels or paper, film, foil or cables. The film is placed on horizontal bar and applies itself along the length of the product.

Manual Wrapping:

Stretch Wrapping Methods - Manual Wrapping

Eliminates the use of tape, string, strapping, banding or twine. Has a number of uses, as it can be applied manually over almost anything.

Blown Stretch Wrap Film Advantages

Property Advantage
Strechability Maximizes your equipments stretch potential and provides excellent yield.
Cling Layers of Securap films cling to the package even at high stretch levels
Load Stabilization High stress retention maintains holding grip on load
Holding Force Securap films offer higher holding force compared to cast films
Tear & Puncture Resistant High tear resistance affords maximum security even around sharp package corner and edges
Clarity High degree of transparency for see-through packaging of domestic items

Stretch Wrapping Applications

Products Applications
Pallet Wrapping Unitization, Export-confirms to importers requirement of material handling
Bottles Unitize glass and plastic bottles and protects form dust and moisture during transit
Paper rolls Protective packaging at lowest cost
Tyres and batteries Palletize for in-plant storage. Used by tyre trade manufacturers
TV picture tubes For palletized loads
Yarn exporters Palletized load confirming to importer's specification
Polyester and BOPP films Palletized for better material handling
Electrical and telephone panel Protection against dust, moisture and abrasion during transit
PVC and Aluminum profiles Spiral wrapping of extrusion profiles for easy material handling
Steels strips Palletized for easy handling of heavy loads
Ceramic tiles Palletized for better material handling for domestic and export consignments
Auto ancillaries For Palletized storage and handling of auto parts
Dyes and Chemicals Palletization of export consignment