Hoodit™ Film Specifications

Property (for 50µ film) Unit Value
Dart Impact gm 2000
Elmendorf Tear MD (in gm) 1300
TD (in gm) 1500
Tensile Strength MD (in kgf/mm²) 3600
TD (in kgf/mm²) 3400
Elongation MD (in %) 950
TD (in %) 1000

Hoodit™ advantages over Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch hood packaging technology means improved packaging quality ! Pallets packed by stretch hoods are absolutely waterproof : the foil covers the entire pallet from all directions. Tension in both horizontal and vertical directions, this means that the goods are pressed downwards on to the pallet. Irregular pallets can also be packed easily since the Stretch Hood Film follows narrowly the form of the pallet


High-speed With one single performance line you can easily pack more than 150 pallets an hour
Flexibility with one film size you can wrap different sizes of pallets
Optical Property Excellent transparency due to single layer film, no overlaping of layers
High ROI Film consumption is lower since no overlaps are required as in SWF
Low cost of ownership Low maintenance costs of the machine due to less moving parts and less heated parts as compared to other packaging systems.
Safety Safe method of packaging

Hoodit™ Stretch Hood Film

Specialty's Hoodit™ Stretch Hood Film is a co-extruded film suitable for high-speed automatic machines. Our film offers lower film cost per-pallet, operating cost, excellent all-weather protection and packaging speed.

We manufacture film combinations for a wide range of market applications, enabling our customers to better tailor the right film structure for each application.

Securap stretch hood is available in variety of sizes (upto pallet sizes of 4' x 9'). The film is available in various colors black, opaque, color tinted & color opaque.

Hoodit Stretch Hood Film