Securap Anti-static

Securap™ Antistatic Analytical Properties

Property Method
Surface Resistivity (Ω/sq) 1.0 X 105 to 1.0 X 1012; ASTM D 257
Thickness (µ) 15 to 80 ASTM D 374
Tensile Strength (in kgf/mm²) MD 1.00 to 2.35 ASTM D 822
TD 0.75 to 1.25
Elongation (in %) MD 500 to 1250 ASTM D 882
TD 650 to 1000
Elmendorf Tear Strength (in gm) MD 150 to 400 ASTM D 1922
TD 800 to 1250
Width 50 to 1500
Roll Length As per requirement
Color Natural/ Blue
Shelf Life 24 months in enclosed condition

Securap™ Antistatic Stretch Wrap Film

Securap™ Antistatic Stretch Wrap Film is designed for stretch wrapping during transportation of static sensitive materials especially electronic goods and components. Securap™ Antistatic stretch wrap film has excellent mechanical properties that offers more than 300 % stretchability and reduces static charge generated in electronic assemblies and sensitive electronic devices.

Securap Antistatic Stretch Film

Advantages of Securap™ Antistatic Stretch Wrap Film

  • ESD protection in electronics goods
  • Excellent moisture and dust barrier
  • Excellent stretchability
  • Useful in packing & transportation of static sensitive materials especially electronics goods, protective devices, metal parts and components, paints and chemicals etc.

Available in machine as well as manual grade. Length & width of the film can be customized as per customer requirements.

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